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Holistic medicine

Our holistic approach to wellness

Step into Radikah, your haven for holistic well-being in Greenwood, Perth. I am
Valentina Toscano, a Certified Functional Kinesiologist, Therapeutic Tarot Reader,
and Akashic Records Reader, deeply dedicated to the paths of love, self-healing,
and self-awareness.


My journey has led me to create Radikah, a sanctuary for those
seeking a profound transformation in their life.

At Radikah, we specialize in Holistic Healing, utilizing a wide array of tools and
techniques designed to help you rebalance your physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual being.

With over 15 years of personal self-development experience, I have
explored numerous healing methods, which have inspired me to specialize in
Alternative Medicine with a mission to assist as many people as possible.

Throughout my work, I have met individuals struggling with physical, mental, and
emotional pain, feeling adrift and disconnected, often trapped in survival mode. They
yearn for a profound transformation, to experience life with vitality, yet they doubt
whether such a change is possible for them or if they can manifest their dream life.
In response to these challenges, we offer a variety of techniques, including
acupressure, sound therapy, natural remedies, and tapping, among others, to
address your unique issues at their core.

At Radikah, we provide a non-judgmental, all-embracing space where every aspect
of you is welcome, seen, and heard.

My personal mission is to foster a world where love prevails over fear, where we live
in deep reverence for all life. I am here to guide you towards express your
magnificence, navigating your inner journey with compassion, patience, and
profound presence.

Our ultimate goal is to activate your body's innate ability to heal itself so you can
embrace and live your best life.

Our clients leave Radikah feeling centered, healthier, and more balanced. They
experience true transformation, sensing a shift within themselves that positively
impacts all aspects of their lives.

Life is a precious gift meant to be fully embraced. If you're drawn to this path, I invite
you to book a session with me. It would be an honor to witness your healing journey.
Let's embrace life together, hand in hand.

We are here to walk each other home

If you feel called, explore my services here!

Kinesiology Session
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