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Are you dealing with complex emotions or a desire to explore your inner self?

A Therapeutic Tarot Reading might be just what you need!

Think of Tarot cards as mirrors for your soul, showing you what's been waiting to be discovered. They are re like guides on a personal journey, helping you understand your fears, feelings, and desires.

Tarot cards are like keys to unlock universal truths and self-discovery.

Through Tarot therapy, you can uncover these insights, creating real change within yourself and your life.
During our sessions you will find a welcoming and supportive space where we embrace every part of who you are.


Together, we will connect with your inner self and guiding spirit, peeling away layers to reveal your true essence. This journey of therapeutic Tarot can shed light on hidden aspects, paving the way for authentic transformation within yourself and the world around you.

Dr Kim Echammaal Coull - Sacred Arts Therapies

Valentiina is one of the most gifted Tarot Readers that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. From the very first class Valentina, was obviously talented and incredibly committed to the journey. Naturally and professionally gifted, her readings are penetrating, deep, incredibly insightful and accurate. She lives her Truth and Walks the Talk. If you need life-changing advice, direction, understanding, or a soul message, book in with Valentina. It is her Sacred Work. She can see deeply into the hearts of others because she has long walked the path of self knowledge and awakening herself with passionate commitment and application. I cannot recommend her more highly. It was a privilege to walk with her on the Tarot Journey and now to know her as a accomplished colleague and friend.
She truly is amazing.
Beautiful. Brilliant. Beloved.
As a True High Priestess and Healer, she is an Inspiration to us all.


Such a beautiful and powerful soul!! Valentina is very knowledgeable and gifted with an amazing ability to channel, read and communicate from the very first moment you meet with her you will understand her passion and natural ability to connect with you and your soul. I truly enjoyed the reading and felt comfortable throughout the whole experience. Thanks Vale I'll definitely be back!
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