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Ask for help

Asking for help can be a challenge when we live in a society where we see vulnerability as weakness.

But let me tell you something!

Asking for help is an act of courage!

It takes courage to show your vulnerability, to show up with an open heart!

Your mind might create a negative narrative when you are feeling vulnerable and you want to ask for help:

  • You are weak

  • It is not safe to show up in your vulnerability

  • You are going to get hurt

  • People are going to judge you for this

  • How you are feeling is not valid

  • No one can help you

  • No one can understand how you are feeling

An the list goes on and on!

The mind sees the reality you are living with the filter of your past, if you haven't been feeling safe while vulnerable in your childhood, it is possible that now your mind wants to keep you safe by not letting you put yourself in a similar situation again.

Remember that your mind job is to keep you safe!

Therefore to move beyond the limitations of the mind you must be willing to put yourself in situations that might feel uncomfortable.

Your heart wants to open and blossom, so trust that!

Trust your body and feelings and be courageous enough to be you, without limitations.

Showing up in vulnerability crates a ripple effect where you make it ok, for the wider community to ask for help, changing slowly slowly the society we are in, by making changes in our own reality.

Vulnerability creates soul connections, we finally see each other for who we truly are.

It is what makes us human, and when we deeply connect and show up in our vulnerability we can feel more compassion for ourselves and others, the mask drops and what remains is just love.

Be brave

Be you❤️

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