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how to balance the navel chakra

Updated: Sep 16, 2023


Are you wondering how to balance the Navel Chakra?

Chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel" indicating that the chakras are spinning wheels irradiating from the body out, those energy wheels are moving and they are dense inside. You can visualise them as cones full of energy irradiating into all the layers of our aura.

Those structure can experience different type of imbalances and those imbalances can be manifested in different level of the aura, from the most physical (close to the body) to the most spiritual (distant from the body).

I will talk about the Navel chakra (Manipura)the third chakra, we can find this center in the upper belly ,connected to the digestive system. The Navel chakra is all about self esteem, acting in the world, power and will.

Let me ask you few questions:

Do you value yourself?

Do you have difficulty finishing projects?

Do you have self esteem issues?

Do you know your calling/purpose?

Do you have difficulties putting yourself out

There in the world ?

Do you fear failure or criticism?

I your answer is YES to any of those questions, you maybe wondering how to balance the Navel chakra.

It is important to value ourselves, to feel brave enough to follow our dreams and take the action needed to achieve our goals! therefore to move up in our healing journey we must be willing to answer our call and recognise our value and here is where we take action to make it happen!

Manipura when balanced increases your self esteem, connecting you to your purpose, allowing you to take to action required to achieve your dreams, with strength and will ,putting yourself out there in the world.

But how to start rebalance this important energy center in 5 steps?

  1. Do something out of your comfort zone, like public speaking or anything that allows you to be fully seen even if it feels uncomfortable, push a little over the limit.

  2. Connect to the fire element, gaze a flame, connect to the fire, loose yourself into the movement of this powerful element and then visualise that fire in your stomach burning, feeling this center more alive then ever!

  3. Goal setting, connect to your purpose by writing down your goals, connect to that future now! feel how would it feel to live that future right now FEEL IT, calling that vision in this moment! Visualise all the step that you should take to manifest your vision! Then move in a state of gratitude! It is happening!

  4. Use essential oils like Bergamot, Wild Orange , Lemon, Cassia, to diffuse or on your body, really connecting to a sense of abundance.

  5. Use crystals, like citrine or tiger eye to connect to a sense of abondance, value for self and self esteem, you are worthy of the best!

If you believe you need help with your chakra rebalancing, book a kinesiology session me.



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