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I don't know what the future holds for us...

I don't know what the future holds for us

But what I know is that I trust the universe

I trust that pull, that force, that love that moves

us, that moves everything.

I have a deep faith in the universe

Even if humanity makes me doubt it sometimes.

I trust this amazing creation, and it is enough to

look around me to see that there is nothing to

fear because every little thing is so perfect the

way it is.

If you can't see it, let go of your mind and look

through the eyes of your heart.

When you look from that space, you will find

beauty even in the most scary things you can sense it in your gut, you can sense it

because you plug in who you really are and who

you really are is just the purest love.

Peace will guide you in places where only few people have been d Love is in you hands, in every gesture, in every movement, in the way you give. To give is a sacred act. It's time to learn to give without looking for something in exchange; give with no expectations, give from a space of silence where you create a magical and sacred moment that is eternal. You will gain strength and give strength to others! GIVING IS A SACRED ACT Enter your soul, the parts of you where you have never been, the parts of you that you are scared to enter, when you go there, is an unexplored territory, the mind is going to do as much as she can to don't make you go there, to protect you, to don't let you die and to don't make you meet your demons. The mind creates chaos, the mind lies about what may happen there, the mind just wants to keep you safe, she creates confusion to don't deal with what is really going on! You can't bring your mind in that space, you have to let her out, you have to leave your logic die. In the dark of the soul, search for your fears, for your illusions, for your expectations, for your pain, search for what is uncomfortable and when you find what you were looking for bring it to the surface.. Surrender to your body, to your heart, to an intelligence that is greater than your mind, is there that you find who you truly are.

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