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Living in survival mode

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Are you living in survival mode? Are you wondering if there are other ways of living possible for you?

Who you are is unlimited, completely immense, your heart is the portal of the immensity of your soul.

Your soul is who you truly are, the essence of your very being.

In this society we forget what this life is about, it is an experience on a plane of reality and yet we take it so seriously like our survival depend on the choice we make, and on a level it is true, but if you close your eyes for a second and forget about what you need to do next, about you reality, about your job, about your name and about your senses you will access a different reality.

Stay in that darkness where nothing moves.

How does it feel to navigate this space of nothingness?

This feeling is pure freedom, you are in the field, you are pure energy in the universe and when you remember who you are that is pure consciousness, you can start to laugh about life, laugh about the ideas you have about yourself, the world and others, because you get that this reality is a perception and you are free from this illusion.

In a way by taking life less seriously and by knowing the bigger picture you can truly create a better life for your self.

You can stop living in survival mode, you can let go and start remembering that you are calmness and you can always close your eyes and connect to this spaciousness.

This life is an opportunity to evolve as souls!

You are not here to suffer, you are here to be, to come back home and to start remembering that infinite light that you are!

That glimpse of light within your soul is the connection to no time and space, that place where you just know who you are on a very deep level.

Your mind can only take you to a certain point but if you want to know who you are and stop living in survival mode you must transcend the mind and trust in the wisdom of your body and soul.

If you feel called to explore your self and switch from living in survival to thrive book a session with me and I will be happy to guide you on this journey



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