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love is

Love the most powerful force that moves the universe, don't hide from love, life is meaningless without it.

It takes strength to choose love, to be love but at this point in time it is the only choice we have, to rise together in love. I see love in all of you, in every faces, in every trees, in every breath, in every touch and sound, everything contains it, everyone contains it but can you choose to live from it deeply?

Can you choose to don't stop at the limits you see in the world or in people, move beyond it and realise that there are no limits.

Can you see love where no one can see it? Where everyone sees only darkness?

If you can do that this is the most amazing gift that you can give to yourself and everyone. You can become the light that illuminates the path. Evolving in love is the only thing that really matter. Everyday I want to go deeper in that love to find where it takes me.

I want to impregnate my self with that divine love so that I am that love and you are and we all are. What a blessing to be on this path. Everyday learning, everyday day walking in the direction of love.

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