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the journey back home

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The journey back to myself starts from seeing my wounds and finally honour them.

So often we bury deep within ourselves all the pain we have experienced trough our journey, when you find the courage to look withing and shining light on to those wounds they start to burn again like never before.

What we don't realise is that the pain we are fully experiencing now has always been there, just this time we are conscious of it, we are choose in it and we are giving that pain a voice.

To walk this journey you have to be willing go beyond what you know, navigating places that are unknown to you, to walk this journey you have to trust your heart and soul leaving your mind behind.

The journey back home is finding the courage to choose the pure love that you are, and I am talking about universal love and when you reconnect to source that is pure unconditional love, you finally see that you deserve so much more then your struggles, and that there are no such a thing as struggles because you see any challenge as an opportunity for growth.

You hold within the wisdom to heal and shed the layers, you are not your layers, you are not your experiences you are underneath that story that you hold so tight into your palms, what happens if you open your hands and let that story go?

Feel your pain but don't create suffering for yourself, you create suffering when we resist what is.


You deserve to find home in your body, in your soul, so create safety in your body honouring your wounds without identify with those because you are so much greater than your story.

Breathe, feel and let go.

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